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How to Use Keyword Targeting on TrafficJunky

If you’ve consulted PornHub’s Insights page, you’ve certainly come across the slew of popular search terms used by visitors around the world.

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Tokens: How to use them on TJ?

In order to help bidders track their campaign more efficiently, TrafficJunky offers URL tokens on its ad creation page. These tokens will allow you to populate dynamic information in your tracking link to pass relevant information such as the banner id, the spot name and much more. List of our tokens {CampaignID} – This token […]

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TJ Guide to Success

Recently, we’ve discussed the top 5 mistakes that advertisers make as well as the top 5 things to do when starting in affiliate marketing. Now, it’s time to pull out all the stops and present the ultimate TJ Guide to Success. WHO ARE WE? TrafficJunky is the ad network that manages the advertising on highly […]

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Top 5 mistakes advertisers make

Thousands of advertisers use TrafficJunky on a daily basis to acquire the quality traffic they need to promote their offers. Every month, some of the newcomers fail to achieve the results they expected and they give up. Most of the time, however, success was not far off and a positive ROI could have been a reality by […]

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How to Insert Meta Tags on your Site

Before reviewing your site, we must verify the ownership of it. You are provided a meta tag you must place in the header section of your website. Our system will then scan your site. If the tag is detected, the ownership will be confirmed. How to proceed? First, please add the meta tag provided in […]

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Publishers: How do I create a new spot?

After signing up as a publisher (you can sign up here), and adding your website, now you will be able to create new spots. Log into your account, click on “Sites” tab and then click on the “+New Spot” tab. You will have to fill out the following information: Spot name Device: PC is the […]

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TrafficJunky’s bidding system.

Over the years, we have received quite a few questions about our bidding algorithm. Since knowledge is power, it’s time that we give an overall explanation on how the bidding algorithm works: General principle: The goal of our algorithm is two fold: 1 – Maximize the CPM revenue for our publisher 2 – Distribute impressions […]

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TrafficJunky’s sales team, what can we do for you?

We noticed that some of the requested features from the survey are already available on our platform! If you want to get access to one of the following features, please reach out to our sales team. They will review your account and advise which opportunities make sense for you. Pop Ads. Even though they are […]

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