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Online Marketing: 6 Key Principles

When it comes to selling things, Robert Cialdini is a great source of inspiration. With millions of books sold world wide, his 6 key principles of influence are the 6 golden rules any online marketer should follow. Also sometimes referred to as the SLACRS (read slackers) rules, here’s a quick description of the rules that […]

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Gay Campaigns Targeting the U.S.

Recently, our friends at Pornhub wrote an article on gay searches in the United States. Their study looked specifically at people viewing gay male content in the US, where they visited from and what searches and categories were most popular. Using this information, we will show you how to optimize your gay US campaigns in […]

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TJ Animation Rules Explained

TrafficJunky gives advertisers the ability to run both static and animated banners across our network. In order to create your campaign successfully and save you time, it’s important to make sure your animated ads follow TJ’s rules and regulations. The following will demonstrate the rules and what they actually look like in the form of […]

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TJ Guide to Success

Recently, we’ve discussed the top 5 mistakes that advertisers make as well as the top 5 things to do when starting in affiliate marketing. Now, it’s time to pull out all the stops and present the ultimate TJ Guide to Success. WHO ARE WE? TrafficJunky is the ad network that manages the advertising on highly […]

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Top 5 things to do when starting in affiliate marketing

Last week we introduced the top 5 mistakes you can make as an affiliate marketer. This week, we will give you the top 5 things to do when starting in the business. 1 – Get in touch with the TJ team Once your account is created, the first thing you should do is to get […]

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Top 5 mistakes advertisers make

Thousands of advertisers use TrafficJunky on a daily basis to acquire the quality traffic they need to promote their offers. Every month, some of the newcomers fail to achieve the results they expected and they give up. Most of the time, however, success was not far off and a positive ROI could have been a reality by […]

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TrafficJunky Referral Program

Billions of ad impressions served daily. 92 million web, mobile and tablet daily visitors on highly trafficked adult tube sites. Great service. Isn’t that something you want to share? Refer a friend to TrafficJunky and your friend will reap the rewards of joining a highly innovative ad network that manages the highly trafficked tube sites […]

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What Women Want

Last month, the world celebrated International Women’s Day. Here at TrafficJunky, we thought it might be interesting to celebrate women in our own way by presenting our advertisers with tips and tricks on how to successfully create female friendly campaigns. The data scientists on the Pornhub Insights team have been researching our female demographic for the […]

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Traffic Opportunities

Recently, we made some changes to the minimum bid on several premium spots: Pornhub Tablet Network – Inplayer from $0.10 to $0.05 YouPorn iPad Network – Inplayer from $0.10 to $0.05 Spankwire Mobile Gay – Footer from $0.08 to $0.03 This is an ongoing effort from the TJ Team to offer the best traffic at […]

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